Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, August 22, 2014

Arne Duncan Says New York Is One Of Two States NOT Eligible For Testing "Flexibility"

Yesterday I posted that it seemed ironic Arne Duncan was now giving states flexibility around testing and teacher evaluations since his DOE had just threatened New York State in June that de-linking teacher evaluations from student test scores would result in New York losing nearly $300 million in Race to the Top money.

Well, tonight we learn that Duncan is saying New York is one of two states that is not eligible for that "flexibility."

This is a report from Capital NY and it's behind the paywall so I have no more details than this from State of Politics:

New York is one of two states not eligible for new “flexibility” policies announced by the federal government to help states transitioning to the Common Core standards.

How about that?

Duncan says testing is sucking the oxygen out of the classroom, taking the joy out of education, and therefore waiver states get another year before they have to link teacher evaluations to test scores.

Except for New York and one other state - they have to use test scores in teacher evaluations or have their No Child Left Behind waivers taken from them. 

More on this as details come in.


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  2. So how much is the state paying Pearson for new tests, Common Core training materials, and aligned textbooks? Give up the $300 million in federal aid and cut the purse/apron strings already. It sounds like a win-win for NY. The states have to stand up to the federal bullies who have been bought and paid for by corporations that are manipulating our public schools for profit.

  3. Except the state is run by a bully who is in bed with the federal bullies AND Pearson.

  4. Just follow the money...the fact that Cuomo has over $35 million dollars in his coffers should be proof enough that this was never about the children of New York. It is the lowest form of humanity that would sell children out for a profit...He should be taken out of Albany with an armed escort, but this time under arrest, for the sins he has subjected our students to...I would volunteer to decorate his prison cell walk-to-wall with Common Core worksheets...a.k.a. the dollar-signed watermarked toilet paper that Pearson produces, compliments of the disgraceful Cuomo...