Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NYCDOE Finally Kicks Yuppie Sports League/Drinking Organization From DOE Property

Meant to post about this a few days ago:

The city has once again revoked the Lower East Side permits for an adult sports league residents say was using school properties to run an “alcohol-driven” social league.

ZogSports, a co-ed league for young professionals in cities across the U.S., had been hosting several kickball games each week at MO25 145 at Stanton St. and P.S.142, at 100 Attorney St.
Not only do these local properties belong to the Lower East Side Preparatory High School and P.S.142, kids were reportedly even getting displaced off of the playgrounds during the scheduled games.

Marge Feinberg, a Dept. of Education (D.O.E.) spokesperson, said in a statement to The Villager: “The permits for ZogSports were rescinded last month. They are a for-profit business and we provide permits to use our space to non-profit organizations.”

ZogSports had replaced a previous league, NYC Social, which also eventually had their permit revoked. According to local residents, NYC Social encouraged players to go to local bars afterward to drink, and one bar even had a competition for which team “showed the most spirit” at the bar, which would result in free drinks.

“Children need a place to play, especially in this community,” Diem Boyd, founder of L.E.S. Dwellers, an active neighborhood group on the Lower East Side, said before learning of the city’s decision.
After the games, there was undoubtedly a large focus on drinking. Besides being officially sponsored by two different alcoholic drinks, Libation, at 137 Ludlow St., is the officially sponsored bar of the sports league, and is only a few blocks from the playing fields. And beyond that, Boyd pointed out, is “Hell Square,” a neighborhood nickname for an area with numerous bars.
“They are promoting alcohol on D.O.E. property,” Boyd said of the sports league, pointing out the advertising. She said residents were “concerned about the alcohol-fueled images” being presented to their children as well as the rest of the community. It is inappropriate therefore, she said, for the alcohol-driven leagues to play on D.O.E. property, since their main goal is reportedly the partying after the games.

Let's see, Zogsports replaced NYC Social, and both groups were really just about boozing - this kind of thing as described by a commenter on the story:

Its about time ! it was becoming a joke. When you see players sat inside there cars outside a school drinking before going onto a school playground to scream there heads off you know you have problems. Its funny that the schools get all jumped up about drugs and alcohol around the school but then let 50 screaming drunk people on it for hours whilst getting paid. Nothing against drinking just feel that kicking little kids off a playground to do it is a little low class ! now back to seeing the locals get to play with there kids and watching the old Chinese people doing there exercise.

Or this:

5 years of having 40-50 screaming adults w/frat behavior just a few feet from our windows 3-4 nights a week. With generators & stadium lights brought in. And local kids told to leave their own playground! Like rats they will move to another playground. I hope the next neighborhood they go to head the call and will ban together. These games don't belong feet from residential buildings.

Want to make a bet they just change the name of the league again and end up on some DOE property for their "sports"?

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