Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

De Blasio's Office Calls John Flanagan Out For His Bullshit

Man, I am so sick of state Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan already.

Politicians by nature are full of shit but Flanagan is fuller than most:

After Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan accused Mayor Bill de Blasio of not lobbying forcefully enough on extending mayoral control of city schools, de Blasio’s team says that wasn’t the case.

Instead, it was Flanagan who failed to return personal calls made by de Blasio on the issue.
“The mayor and his team conducted a great deal of outreach with Senator Flanagan, his team, and Senators in his conference, especially those from New York City, throughout the legislative process,” said spokeswoman Karen Hinton. “At a certain point Senator Flanagan simply stopped returning the mayor’s personal calls. The mayor also repeatedly offered to attend a hearing in Albany and testify on the merits of mayoral control. The mayor always welcomes the opportunity to remind individuals of the broad, bipartisan support mayoral control has historically enjoyed in New York City, as well as its proven track record of success.”

Good for de Blasio having Hinton call Flanagan out for this bullshit.

Flangan and Cuomo tag-teamed up on de Blasio, which is fine - that's how it goes in politics.

But Flanagan doesn't get to act all sanctimonious about the tag team match.

Clearly neither Flanagan nor Cuomo wanted de Blasio to get more than a year extension of mayoral control of schools in NYC - this despite pretty broad support from the business leaders who send an awful lot of money both Flanagan's and Cuomo's way.

Flanagan and Cuomo wanted to stick it to de Blasio, humiliate him with the one year extension, and force him to come hat in hand next year when the extension is up.

That's why Flanagan stopped returning de Blasio's calls.

That's cool - but it's also cool for de Blasio's office to call bullshit on Flanagan.


  1. The Senate GOP conference is already sweating about the November 2016 elections, when a far different electorate is expected to show up at the polls compared to last November's off-year elections.

    The one year extension is meant to send a message to deBlasio that he has to stay out of the state Senate elections or face the consequences all over again.

    DeBlasio needs to be very involved and let the mayoral control chips fall where they may. The WFP should not endorse any of the traitor Dems led by Jeff Klein and NYSUT needs to hire professional political operatives to strategically target weak GOP senators for defeat.

    Andrew Pallotta is a dope and has wasted tens of millions in VOTE COPE contributions. Make the money count. Bring in a pro and eliminate Flanagan's majority.

  2. Good for DeBlasio for calling Fibbigan out for his lies...

    The stench from the Cuomo cesspool gets worse and worse with each passing day.

    The "three men in a room" dwindled down to two...then down to one...

    Now it's back up to two...

    I hope Preet Bharara is watching, and waiting, and getting closer to Cuomo and Privatizer John...the billionaires sign checks, and these two hoodlums sign laws to please them.

    When this corrupt house falls...and it will...there is literally going to be hell to pay for these two criminals.