Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Questar Assessment Up 49% In Trading Today

At yesterday's close, Questar Assessment was trading at $0.10.

It opened the day at $0.11.

It finished the trading day at $0.15.

Questar financial details here.

Just for some comparison, Pearson was up 1.53% today, opened high but traded a little lower as the day went on.

Pearson closed the day at $18.55. 

Pearson's a much larger company than Questar, of course, but gives you a sense of the type of company we're dealing with here that the stock was up 49% today - 5 cents.


  1. I'll bet someone from the NY Board of Regents (or NYSUT/UFT) bought Questar shares before this decision was announced. Insider trading scandal!

  2. What is the symbol for this company? I will buy a ten thousand shares. Peanuts.