Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NYSUT Donates To State Senate Republicans

It's the political giving season:

Earlier this month records show the statewide teachers union donated $7,000 to the campaign arm of the same Senate Republicans.


In recent state elections, NYSUT's mission has been to flip the state Senate to Democrats. Last year, the 600,000-member organization went so far as to send out a controversial mailer charging that three Senate Republican candidates weren't protecting women from domestic violence. It drew bipartisan scorn.

Besides the $7,000 donation this year to the Senate Republican campaign arm, the union has contributed to a number of Senate GOP candidates.

NYSUT also has given $54,000 to the campaign arm of its Senate Democratic allies.
Carl Korn, a spokesman for NYSUT, said the GOP donations were to "ensure that our voices are heard in both conferences. Politics is politics and governing is governing, and it's important that teachers' voices are heard because they know best for students."

$7,000 donation to the Senate Republican campaign arm ensures "our voice" is heard in the Senate Republican conference?



  1. Your VOTE-COPE money at work folks!

    1. Have another piece coming in a minute about Tom Libous, Dean Skeoos and their sons and how, if you want your agenda pushed in Albany, you give these guys jobs.

      Perhaps NYSUT can create a wing of the union apparatus just for no show jobs for the deadbeat sons of corrupt politicians?