Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, July 10, 2015

MaryEllen Elia And Her "Conversations With Parents"

From Politics on the Hudson:

“I’m a teacher, I’m an educator and I’m not a politician,” Elia told reporters Thursday. (Video was provided by WGRZ.) “I understand the difference in those roles. I want to work very productively with the legislators and with the governor to improve what’s happening every day for the kids in the classrooms in New York state.”

She continued: “That’s going to be my goal and I anticipate that children will win out and it will be certainly my intent to have children win in the whole process of education in New York.”


Speaking to reporters Thursday, Elia said she intends to involve parents and teachers in the conversations over education policy. Thousands of parents opted their children out of state standardized tests the past two years as a form of protest over the Common Core and what they see as the state’s over-reliance on testing.

“My plan would be to No. 1 go out and get feedback through various ways to find out exactly what parents are concerned about so we can address those issues and get understanding to them,” Elia said. “But also to have an ongoing kind of opportunity to have parents to be part of the conversations. I think that’s a really critical part.”

Let's say Elia has that conversation with parents and what she hears conflicts with what she thinks it will take, as an "educator," to "have children win in the whole process of education in New York."

What does she do then?

Her track record in Florida shows her to be a big fan of high stakes standardized tests and Common Core standards
If she has honest conversations with parents around the state, she is going to hear many say they want an end to high stakes standardized testing and Common Core-driven classroom instruction.

Want to bet she ignores those parent conversations and goes with her own policies?


  1. She fails to grasp the Northern State Reality that parents and teachers ALREADY understand Common Core and High Stakes Testing, nobody needs to help us"understand" them. We understand they are shit and we want them gone. That's the understanding she is going to have brought to her. Whether or not she listens is anyone's bet but anyone would be an idiot to bet that she will.

  2. New Yawk ain't Florida sweetie. She better get used to how folks out here roll.

  3. Just what New York needs...a Common Core cheerleader to tell us how wrong we were about the garbage standards...

    After her short stint in New York, she can further pad her resume to include not one, but two failed education roles.

    Remember that Cuomo forced this mess onto New York, and he is one of the reasons we have had to suffer through this. And Tisch, who clearly lacks any abilities or common sense stood by her John King and was "amazed" at how parents pushed back against the privatization movement and stripping away of democracy in New York.

    One reformer playbook tactic has been to play educational "musical chairs"...when the pushback against one faux reformer gets too rough, move him or her out, and a new body into the position. We saw this recently in New Jersey with the unqualified and dangerous Chris Cerf being "re-appointed" into the system there, and also in New York as we get the Florida mess in Elia.

    Last week we celebrated the 4th of July, but the fireworks are truly about to begin as Elia starts to "re-educate" the people of New York about the Common Core, VAM, Danielson, and how the non qualified billionaires and their bought politicians really "know what's best for all of our children".

    Ms Elia is about to get taught a lesson from the people of New York. And then she will join King, a failure and enemy of public education, as the next reformer is introduced to New York...

    Or just imagine...Elia is forced to step down, Cuomo is indicted for a battery of crimes, Tisch is taken out in handcuffs, Flanagan is eventually taken downtown to be prosecuted...and we finally get a new leadership that tells Bill Gates and his billionaire buddies to take their Common Core and stick it up their billion dollar behinds.