Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cuomo Proposes More SUNY Tuition Hikes

Five years of SUNY tuition hikes amounting to 30% higher tuition?

That's not enough for Governor Cuomo - more are coming and Cuomo's stealing the money to use for other things:

It’s understandable that listeners might have mistaken Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s enthusiastic pronouncement of a $6.9 billion commitment to the State University of New York and the City University of New York as an increase for SUNY and CUNY. It isn’t. It’s a cut, delivered with all the deceptive enthusiasm of the chocolate ration reduction in George Orwell’s 1984.

Equally disappointing is the governor’s promotion of another “rational tuition plan,” under which students and parents would keep paying more and more while the state pays less.


This proposal comes as tuition at schools like the University at Albany rose almost 5 percent this year. That’s on top of four prior years of tuition hikes under the “rational tuition plan,” an idea that sounded like a boon for higher education but has come to feel like a bait-and-switch game.

As we’ve pointed out before, the 2011 rational tuition program – under which tuition would increase $300 a year for five years – has increasingly shifted public higher education costs from the state to SUNY students. With state support staying relatively level as tuition steadily rose, the state’s share of SUNY costs has plunged from 59 percent prior to the Great Recession to 36 percent. Students’ now pay nearly two thirds. And, as we’ve noted in the past, it appears that $400 million of the extra tuition money – half of the $800 million more than students are paying – ended up in the state’s coffers.

That’s nothing but a tax hike, targeted just at SUNY students.

Everybody at that speech yesterday should have gotten up and screamed at Cuomo the way Charles Barron did.

Of course, it could be worse for SUNY.

Cuomo cut nearly $250 million from CUNY.


  1. comes the "won't be indicted for anything" Cuomo!!!
    Sit back and enjoy the shitshow.....

  2. The Welfare State is expensive to maintain...

  3. It used to be free, asshole.

  4. Remember people, diblasio is our friend and he is better to have than 99 percent of all other foe politicians...Who would you rather have bloomberg creep or maybe christine quinn.....lets all be on diblasio's corner just like he is in our corner. There are too many piece of shit politicians out there these days, cuomo,bloomberg, klein, rahm of chicago, scott walker and on and on so give diblas a break.

    1. EXACTLY... makes me laugh how so many teachers who don't live in NYC, who never ever lived in NYC love to bash Diblasio from the comfort of the high taxed suburb. BTW, hey idiot coworkers I dont care how much your taxes cost in nassau country... also have heard these same people say things like I dont care what happens to the city it will make my property value go up. Really! Just shut up or do us all a favor get the city. City is just as dirty as it was under Bloomf*ck and crime is the same too. So stop just, stop!

  5. Friedrichs tore through the legal system at high speed. But the real force propelling Friedrichs’ gallop through the courts was the Center for Individual Rights (CIR), the right-wing pro-bono law group that is representing teacher Rebecca Friedrichs and her fellow plaintiffs: At each stage in the legal process, CIR attorneys asked the courts to rule against their own clients, with the apparent interest of moving the case up to the Supreme Court as quickly as possible.

    “It just seems really nefarious,” says Frank Deale, a professor at the CUNY School of Law. “In fact, it’s collusive, in a way. You’re setting up this false scenario, this false conflict, in order to get a Supreme Court ruling. The Center for Individual Rights didn’t even make an argument [in the lower-court filings]. They asked for the court to rule for the defendant, and then they got rewarded for it.”

  6. If you read the above posting it explains how the Friedrichs case made it to the supreme court in record time....flash....ka puff.....the article explains how the Friedrichs scum bags lost all the lower court rulings by not even trying the cases. The creeps asked the court to rule against them so that they could take it to the supreme court...Its sneaky things like this that go unpublished and out of sight. I mean did anyone at all question the fact that the Friedrichs case has gone to the supreme court in such a flash??? The majority of people are clueless and then suddenly boom!!!! a supreme court ruling....this is just sickening.

  7. How come it's ok to have Freidrichs zip through the court system like that? I don't hear Kagan or Sotomayor or my beloved Ginsberg mentioned this twisting of the law. Come on ladies, do it for the democracy.

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