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Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

De Blasio Support Up

Not the best poll numbers around but at least the hemorrhaging has been staunched for now:

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval rating has improved slightly over the last three months, with 50 percent of New York City voters now saying they approve of the job he is doing and 48 percent saying they believe he deserves a second term, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday.

An Oct. 29 Quinnipiac poll showed de Blasio with a near-record low approval rating of 45 percent. At the same time, 48 percent of voters said he did not deserve a second term.

“Not great, but better news for Mayor Bill de Blasio on two key questions: His overall job approval and whether he deserves re-election. They’re both up a bit since the last time we looked,” Maurice Carroll, the poll's assistant director, said in a release accompanying the poll results.

As for potential match-ups:

According to the poll, de Blasio would Stringer, 44 percent to 33 percent. He would defeat Kelly 50 percent to 35 percent and Diaz 47 percent to 25 percent, according to the poll.

Not sure why Hakeem Jeffries wasn't part of the potential match-ups but he wasn't.

Stringer's the closest to de Blasio, but keep in mind that's without any negative stuff run against him.

This poll found that 61% haven't heard enough about him to form an opinion of him.

If Stringer decides to take Sheriff Andy up on his "Somebody run against de Blasio!" gambit, you can bet he'll have to defend his record as comptroller - including the rather poor performance of the pension funds he oversees.

That might change things in a  head-to-head match-up against a sitting mayor.

As for Diaz, over 70% don't know enough about him to form an opinion.

If he runs, you can bet the ethically-challenged history of his family will come up for notice.

So all things considered, compared to where de Blasio was a few months ago, he appears to be stabilizing things politically, at least for now, and nobody on the potential opponent list is making that big a splash in the polling.


  1. Why is Deblasio popularity seen as a concern for us? What has he done or changed that is positive? He's done lots of negative things for students and teachers. Bloomberg's people are still in charge. I like the guy and would smoke a joint with him but he's a f--king horrible mayor. Straight up.

  2. I think good ole' Bill is friendly but kinda out of the loop on how bad the DOE situation is that he inherited. He does not know how entrenched Bloombucks goons are there. I don't think Bill has any animosity to to teachers. Rather, he just is kinda aloof about it all. It is this fact that burns me up so much in regard to Mulgrew. Mulgrew know exactly what is up with the DOE and it's BS polices that are rolling over from the Bloombucks era but old Punchy is not pushing the mayor for any changes whatsoever.

  3. He should fight Cuomo harder. Smack him around. That's the only thing Cuomo respects. Start visiting Buffalo and Syracuse. Stir up some animosity in ithe urban areas. Direct it towards Cuomo. Start telling people you've realized you can make more of a difference from the Governers mansion. Because, let's face it, that's what Cuomo is so unhinged about; he's no longer the big dog in the State Democratic Party,

  4. I really can't stand him. He appears incompetent and ineffective. He's mishandled the DOE situation and has allowed the career killers to,stay along with the very hostile and civil-rights-violating policies of Bloomberg. I see him as just as hostile to teachers as the last administration was. I live in the outer boroughs, and I won't be voting for DeB ever again

  5. DeBlasio either sleeps late or is out to lunch.
    Highly ineffective mayor.

  6. HOw does the name christine quinn sound...She would have been on time, had all the homeless in the shelters and taking away your livlihood teaming up again with mikey bloomberg..Christine Quinn, the bloomberg in a dress love queen would have destroyed our livlihood by giving the charter schools my bathroom key....oh wait i don't have a key i am an atr...ah jeez..

  7. You guys read the Post too much. It has turned your brains to mush. DeBlasio is doing fine as Mayor. The problems in the schools are a result of the new evaluation system (thanks Cuomo) and the crappy Common Core and lack of textbooks (thanks again, Cuomo). All local schools are now effectively run by the state of New York. DeBlasio doesn't really control anything:

  8. Folks in NYC have a pretty well developed sense of fairness...they know that the NYC media have tried to do a number on BDB. They also know that if you have to choose betwwen BDB or Quid Pro Quomo where you need to come down...

  9. This goes back a bit and might seem tangential to some.The Kejjy-Bratton "feud" re crime stats: Popeye's NYPD was masterful at the whole stat manipulation thing,as were most parts of the fun-sized mayor's administration.Cautionary tale perhaps for those thinking of electing business people to run our government...

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