Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Merryl Tisch Regrets Meeting Her Waterloo In The Suburbs

The Doyenne of Testing gives a farewell address to the troops on Tisch TV:

New York’s outgoing Board of Regents chancellor, Merryl Tisch, says the greatest disappointment of her tenure was being unable to convince suburban parents to “move the standards movement beyond the rhetoric and politics.”

The state’s top education policymaker, whose term expires in March, sat down this week for a two-part interview with MetroFocus, a public television station serving New York City and New Jersey that she and her husband help fund.

The first interview focused on why Tisch supported the Common Core’s rollout in New York and how it all went awry. The second interview was more of a reflection on her tenure with the Regents, which began in 1996 and culminated with some of the nation’s most controversial education reform.

Despite all the controversy, Tisch described her biggest accomplishment as New York’s move to higher standards.

The arrogance of the reformers, Tisch included, was on display when they thought they could rig the test scores and use that as the excuse for more system-breaking reform.

It seems to have never occurred to them that maybe, just maybe, parents wouldn't buy their bullshit story.

Well, they learned differently, didn't they?

Kingsie met his Waterloo in Poughkeepsie.

Tisch met hers on Long Island and western New York.

In any case, the interviewer has a happy ending for Tisch - this is, after all, Tisch TV, which is partly funded by Tisch herself:

As for her next move, Tisch would only say she hopes to stay involved in education policy, and asked everyone to stay tuned. And then the series ended with this interesting exchange.
Pi Roman: Some people are calling for you to run for mayor. If nominated, will you run? And if elected, will you serve?
Tisch: Oh, that’s — [laughs] — yeah, well, funny thing about that.

Oh, yeah - run for mayor, Merryl.

See how that goes.

What a stroke, er joke, from the interviewer.


  1. It is very easy for the ed-deformers to run roughshod in the big cities where there is not a lot of parental involvement. However, mess with the suburban momma bears and there will be Hell to pay.

  2. Sheldon Silver is responsible for the making of Meryl Tisch, Plutocrat , Doyenne , and Aristocrat of the testing regime.
    "Let them take tests, let the little people's brats take tests until they drop. " She envisioned a testing regime apartheid where public school children take days and days of high stakes tests, but charter school and private school students are exempt from these corporatized high stakes tests. Accountabilility is for the little people, Tisch was never accountable to anyone. The Long Island parents opt out movement was the lawn mower, as it were, and Tisch's ass was had the grass to be mowed down, as it were. The Long Island parents cut Tisch's ass down, trimming her overblown ego with it.

    1. Way to go, Long Island Mama Bears!

  3. One word describes Tushie's leadership...fiasco!

  4. Tisch never fails to amaze when she steps out among the small folk. She couldn't be any more out of touch with humanity if she tried. Her departure is an addition by subtraction for public education in New York State.

  5. do not let the door hit you on the way out
    lets go giants

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