Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cuomo To De Blasio: "F--- You!"

As part of his feud with Bill de Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo gave the middle finger to New York City in his proposed budget yesterday:

ALBANY — The ongoing war between Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio is getting costly for the city.

Cuomo in his new $145 billion state budget plan unveiled Wednesday called on the city to pay significantly more toward CUNY and Medicaid.

One source said the city could be on the hook for about $800 million in new costs, which would amount to a large portion of the savings Cuomo has in his budget.

“It’s a big (slap) at the mayor,” the source said of Cuomo’s plan.

“This is a bad budget for New York City,” added a city official.

 The changes mean the state is reneging on its pledge to support CUNY and is passing the cost for soaring Medicaid expenses on to city taxpayers.

A Politico NY piece calculated the cost to NYC in Cuomo's proposed budget as a $1 billion dollars.

Cuomo's aiming to harm de Blasio and make him one term mayor by causing budget problems - and he's harming New York City residents in the crossfire.

Alas that Preetmas didn't come earlier in the week.

With Cuomo let off the hook by the US attorney for Moreland tampering, he is free to do all the evil he wants - and he is taking advantage.


  1. Cuomo is doing exactly what Preet's patrons want; his indictment was never, ever in the cards.

  2. Cuomo sees de Blasio as an odd and weak fellow - and can't resist poking him. A strong mayor would know how to preempt/ respond but we don't have one.

  3. Cuomo is Obama's messenger. Do not shoot the messenger.

  4. Never thought I'd admit to missing Michael Bloomberg. There's no comparison between the two regarding brains. With Mike I actually felt safe. You didn't hear about crap in schools with kids as much and these cell phones in high school are a disaster. I'm considering calling the union because kids are constantly pointing their phones at me and recording me. I tell them to stop but who knows, I can be on some web site. Isn't it illegal to record a teacher in classroom? Black lives matter crap never around during Vloomberg years. It's so out of control now. I can't believe this system just keeps rolling on day after day like everything is fine.