Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bloomberg and Klein Claim RttT Award "Vindicates" Their Education Policies

Seriously, that's what they said in a statement:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein said in a statement that the awarding of the money was a vindication of their efforts.

“This win is a testament to what we’ve accomplished in the New York City schools over the last eight years, and we are going to work with our teachers and schools to raise the bar once again,” Mr. Bloomberg said in a statement.

Chancellor Klein said: “Race to the Top has been a tremendous catalyst for precisely the kind of education reform we’ve supported and implemented in New York City; now it is up to all of us to live up to this commitment and continue the important work that got us here.”
They used phonied test scores to rave about how they had closed the achievement gap between white and Asian students and black and Hispanic students.

That gap stands larger now than before they took over.

Same for the gap between students in schools with higher income populations and students in schools with lower income populations.

Meantime they close hundreds of schools, reopen them as charters but only take the cream of the crop into those schools while shunting the rest off to neighborhood schools which themselves are eventually declared "failing" and closed.

And the three card monte game of school closures continues ad infinitum, though somehow Bloomberg and Klein, now running the system for almost ten years, never take the blame for any of it.

And Bloomberg and Klein say the failed policies they have been pushing have been vindicated by their education deform cronies from the Gates and the Broad Foundations in the Obama administration handing them money for more of the same failed reforms?


The RttT boondoggle will be about as successful in education as Obama's HAMP mortgage plan has been at saving people from foreclosure.

Or his stimulus package has been at reducing the unemployment and underemployment rates.

Or his economic team has been at getting the economy revving again.

Or his foreign policy team has been at winding down the war in Afghanistan (now the longest war in U.S. history - even longer than Vietnam.)

Seriously, when the president has failed at almost everything else he has touched policy-wise, why should it be any different in education?

But the shills in the papers and on TV and at the ed deform blogs will wave their pom-poms and parrot the Bloomberg/Klein press releases.

Just wait until all of the children unfortunate enough to be in school during the Bush/Obama/Bloomberg years come of age.


  1. I could not agree with you more. This RTT money will further the noxious policies of Bloomklein. The local media will eat this crap up.

  2. The little Mayor and Bozo the Klein will continue to fuck up the futures of generations.

    The Hedge Fund types will continue to get richer.

    The papers will publish the "value added" bullshit scores.

    The privatization will continue full steam ahead.

    Senior teachers will be dumped, based on manipulated "data" from the crappy standardized bullshit tests.

    The "profession" will be further demonized.

    All of us in this shitty field, should bend over and grab our ankles, because, here comes the drill.

    Dreading yet another year of slogging in the trenches.

    Angry Nog

  3. Winning shows what a crock of doo doo all this stuff is.

  4. It's amazing to me that even after the BloomKlein reforms are exposed as horseshit, they still get to run things the way they want, they get to demonize teachers, close schools, add more tests - all it's all applauded by the shills on the op-ed pages and at shows like Morning Joe and blogs like Huffingtonpost (Ariana is a big BloomKlein fan.)

    They could run the system for 20 years, have closed all the schools at least once, fired all senior teachers, busted the union completely out of existence and when the results are still miserable, they will still blame teachers and the op-ed shills will nod and say "Oh, yes, must be the teachers."

  5. This next decade will go down in history as a period when oligarchy will reign supreme if this unbelievable level of hostility toward teachers in particular and the middle class in general continues. It's definitely time for an Ayn Rand novel.