Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Romer Resigns

Wrong economic adviser is going, in my opinion:

Christina Romer, chairwoman of Pres. Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, has decided to resign, according to a source familiar with her plans.

Romer, an economics professor at the University of California (Berkeley) before taking the key admin post, did not respond to repeated calls to her office.

"She has been frustrated," a source with insight into the WH economics team said. "She doesn't feel that she has a direct line to the president. She would be giving different advice than Larry Summers [director of the National Economic Council], who does have a direct line to the president."

"She is ostensibly the chief economic adviser, but she doesn't seem to be playing that role," the source said. The WH has been pounded for its faulty forecast that unemployment would not top 8% after its economic stimulus proposal passed.

Instead, the jobless rate is 9.5%, after exceeding 10% last year. It was "a horribly inaccurate forecast," said Bert Ely, a banking consultant. "You have to wonder why Summers isn't the one that should be taking the fall. But Larry is a pretty good bureaucratic infighter."

As usual, Obama only listens to his cronies and as usual both Obama and his cronies GET SHIT WRONG.

Romer wasn't one of those cronies.

So she's out.

Never mind that if Obama had NOT listened to Summers and Geithner, maybe the stimulus package would have been bigger, maybe it wouldn't have been wasted on bullshit like Race to the Top but spent on things that ACTUALLY PUT PEOPLE TO WORK, and maybe unemployment wouldn't be rising again.

But instead he STILL listens to Summers and Geithner so the economy is fading and unemployment is rising.

Heckuva job, Barack!!!

As Atrios says here, The people who are always wrong about fucking everything maintain power.

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