Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fenty Staffer: "Adrian Fenty Is One Of The Biggest Assholes I've Ever Met In My Life."

No wonder DC mayor Adrian Fenty is down 5 points in a race he should be winning.

People hate him.

Seriously, people hate him.

Especially people who have worked FOR or WITH him:

With weeks to go before the decisive D.C. Democratic mayoral primary, the city’s political establishment seems to have decided that the election boils down to a referendum on the personality of the incumbent, Adrian Fenty.

Unfortunately for the mayor, his fellow pols aren’t debating whether Fenty has a personality problem. Rather, they’re arguing about how to best describe that problem. To pick just three of the terms thrown around during this unhappy summer of lopsided straw polls and campaign-trail boo-birds, the options include “arrogant prick,” “brat,” and “spoiled child.”

“His politics are unnecessarily abrasive, confrontational, disrespectful, superficial,” says At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson, who was on the council during Fenty’s six years there and has continued as a councilmember during Fenty’s four years as a mayor.

“I think his social skills have a lot of room for improvement,” says Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander. “It’s gotten completely out of control.”

Other choice quotes and stories from the article about Fenty:

One police officer who has helped provide security for the mayor on several occasions says Fenty acts friendly to officers when there are other people around. But when it’s just Fenty or his confidantes, the mayor acts “very pompous and very much an ass,” rarely bothering to acknowledge the security guys’ presence. (The officer’s union, the Fraternal Order of Police, has endorsed Gray.)

In Fenty’s own office, current and former lower-level staffers call him a “moody” boss. One says he became so accustomed to Fenty’s angry side that he could see the mayor’s rage coming by watching for the throbbing of a vein in his head. “He runs his ship by fear; people are afraid of him,” says one staffer. “He’s one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met in my life.”

Several sources said Fenty has a ferocious temper. Last December, according to multiple sources, Fenty kicked a trash can, slammed a door, and screamed, “I’m the fucking mayor,” after learning that some much-hated New Jersey Avenue NW billboards were being removed without his being present for a photo-op. A Fenty campaign spokesman disputes the details of that event. The mayor also got worked up when he heard that LeBron James was in town and his staff hadn’t arranged for Fenty to meet with the basketball star, according to sources.

One former staffer likened working for Fenty to being an “abused wife,” constantly fighting a losing battle to make the mayor happy. The one time Fenty gave him a compliment, it came as such a shock that he called his significant other to tell her that maybe the mayor wasn’t such a bad guy, after all.

I think the way his detractors feel about Fenty can be summed up by this quote:

“I’d vote for a little dead bug before I’d vote for Fenty,” said a retired school teacher at a recent Ward 7 straw poll.

You know, you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat others.

That Fenty is an asshole and bully says a lot about him.

It definitely shows why he picked another asshole and a bully like Michelle Rhee to run the school system.

It also shows why assholes and bullies like Michael Bloomberg, Cory Booker and Joel Klein support Fenty.

I know that his supporters say that sometimes you have to be an asshole and a bully to break the status quo and get things done.

But that's just jive.

Fenty isn't acting like an asshole and a bully because he wants to break the status quo and get things done.

He acts like an asshole and a bully because he IS an asshole and a bully.

The same goes for Rhee.

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