Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Question!

A commenter on the weather forum:

When will our new mayor realize that windchills below zero 8 inches of snow and 30mph winds don't make sense to keep NYC schools open since the rush to work/ school begins between 6am and 7am?

A commenter here at Perdido Street School blog:

That combo of wind, ice, and cold is reason to call school. Just dangerous to all the moving parts in the morning. Who knows...?

It's a mess out there and it's only going to get worse as temperatures plummet and the wind whips the snow around.

I know de Blasio doesn't want to get caught calling something a little early and having some people criticize him for it later if the day turns out not so bad.

But I can't remember a recent snowstorm where it's hovering at 20 degrees during the storm and heading for the teens afterward.

Tomorrow the city is going to be one big icy wonderland.

Not going to be fun to try and get in to work tomorrow.

And if there is school, how many students will show?

Ah well - off to bed.


  1. Salt fails to work below 20 degrees. One kids slips breaks wrist it won't be good.

  2. They have to wait until early morning, to be sure. Early, like 5:30 to 6. In defense of "the new mayor" , in my part of Bklyn., Im hearing the snow plows plow by with great alacrity and effectiveness...! I kid you not...never saw this kind of work being done during,Bloomturds rule. It's 12:15... And the plows are rockin it here...last half hour has been constant,sound of steel on pavement...! Lovin it...!

  3. As they say in Brooklyn...that guy (Bloomturd) is such a duuushbag...

  4. As of 3 AM official forecast - no way classes tomorrow-


    Also Governor Cuomo closing LIE, Thruway, other major,highways...? This is a nasty storm.