Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 9, 2014

NYSED Commissioner King: Merit Pay A Great Idea


Another proposal from the governor, rewarding excellent teachers, those who rated highly effective on a valuations would be eligible to receive $20,000 as a bonus.

Dr. John King said, "We certainly support rewarding highly effective teaching. We know there's an opportunity to identify teaching practices and allow them to be mentors for their colleagues." 

As Leonie Haimson pointed out yesterday, they plan on using the APPR teacher evaluation system that few trust to identify these so-called "highly effective" teachers and reward them with $20,000.

The evaluation systems around the state have been a mess so far, but rather than acknowledge the mess, Cuomo and King make as if these systems are "objective" arbiters of "teacher effectiveness" and call for tying not only teaching jobs to the measures but also teacher pay.

Students, parents and teachers have been up-in-arms around the state over the SED testing, the inBloom data project, the CCSS and the APPR evaluation system that mandates so many tests.

King attended forums where he heard much criticism of the state ed agenda, but has said there will be little change to the reforms.

Cuomo basically said the same thing in his State of the State speech yesterday.


  1. They are both going down. If they keep this train wreck on course, there is only 1 headed and its going off course. I think he is watching the parents closely and is stalling for time to see what happens in the next few months.. in event he may need to change a course of action.

    As of now, his approval ratings are he can not be too pompous this time around..

    1. I agree totally - the reform agenda is a train wreck, and adding merit pay to the rest...