Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Charter Cap Bill Vote On Monday

Time to mobilize and make calls.

Mayor Moneybags and Governor Sexual Harassment Is Not A Crime are going to be very happy if this charter cap bill is passed in the State Senate.

Mobilization worked in Florida (even Gail Collins noticed) and it can work here.

Let these state senators know that lifting the charter cap without providing any outside accountability on charter operators is NOT acceptable.

Here is a list of all state senators. Find yours, make a call, and leave a message.

Here is where you can email.

Let's mobilize.

You can be sure the charter school operators and advocates are.

I've already left a message for Tom Duane's office and let him know teachers at my school are watching how he votes on this.

These state senators need to know that accountability is not just for teachers.

It's for politicians who vote against the interests of traditional public schools and teachers at those schools too.

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