Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hedge Funders Go Running...

...away from regulation:

As regulators in developed markets step up oversight of hedge funds, these free pools of capital are increasingly set to make their home in Singapore and Hong Kong.


"Asia, and Singapore in particular, could definitely benefit from the stupid regulatory environment in Europe," said Lionel Martellini, director of France's EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Center.

Scrutiny of hedge funds has heightened in Europe as politicians in Germany and France blamed the industry for causing the financial crisis -- though the crisis was caused more by regulated banks in the United States, Martellini said.

Of course to a hedge funder, any regulation is "stupid," so no matter how governments try and regulate hedge fund activity, the hedge funders will always bitch and moan and cry socialism and then move offshore to countries with little to no regulatory apparatus.

Kinda like the charter school industry - they say all regulation of the industry is bad and if states attempt to do any, the charter operators say they'll just pick up and move to states with little to no regulation.

I guess the charter school acorn didn't fall far from the hedge fund tree.


  1. Yes, the higher realms of finance and corporate ed deform, where it's all id and no superego.

  2. Add the higher realms of politics as well.

    I see Bill Clinton called for the lifting of the charter cap. Al Sharpton, on the take as always with his "political walking money" from Bloomberg, is also publicly calling for the lifting of the cap.

    All crooks. Follow the money. The hedge funders and the ed deform billionaires are spreading this shit around.