Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sold Down The River With A Backroom Deal

From this comment thread at Chaz's blog:

I'm numb all day. I can't believe our "union" would cave like this. What did the UFT get in return?

This is the issue that the teachers in Florida marched against and swayed their governor to veto. And we in the great , sophisticated, progressive New York City get a midnight, back room deal shoved down our throats? It figures, this is how oligarchies work. The little people matter little.

What do you expect from a shop teacher from Grady? You think that bald headed pimp Mulgrew stood any chance of standing ground , or WANTING to stand ground against the Big Boys? He's feathering his nest, and those around him. I just don't understand what kind of a "union" will be left in the future for the UFT. What are they thinking? Isn't this suicidal for the UFT's future?

Bald-headed pimp indeed.

That's a great new nickname for Mulgrew.

Kinda like he called Klein numbnuts.

Only bald-headed pimp EXACTLY describes Mulgrew.

He sold us down the river.

And he did it with a smile.


  1. You chose the right name for Mulgrew. He sold us out in the same way RW did in 2005.

  2. I'm the guy who called him a bald headed pimp. You know why? Because only a cheap street con artist would carry on with that phony "numbnuts" line, which was extremely condescending to his constituency when coupled with this complete betrayal a week later. Then last week Bloomberg says something like: "Well this guy Mulgrew is fair, but tough as nails" in a supposed back hand comment. This is ALL complete bullshit, and grandstanding by both sides here, to make the suckers (us) think that they are "battling it out." The Shop Teacher Mulgrew has already proven that he's Bloomberg's unsophisticated bagman, who is wound up by Weingarten. They think so little of us that they give us this dumb shop teacher from Grady HS in the name of authenticity. I can just hear Bloomberg and Randi chatting . . . "yeah, give them Mulgrew, he's just like THEM." I wonder how long it'll be before the Shop teacher gets a private jet ride to Bermuda . . .he's ALREADY seen so much more, and rubbed so many more elbows than he could ever have imagined, and he's only in a few months !