Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dems and Repubs Criticize Race to the Top

Unbelievable - in the very same week Mulgrew and the UFT tell us we have to change teacher evaluation rules and tie them to test scores because "this is the wave of the future," the push back against Race to the Top is reaching a crescendo - against the Obama plan!!!

Race to the Top is hitting the wall.

President Barack Obama’s $4.35 billion grant competition — designed to encourage states to dramatically improve school performance — is running into resistance across the country, as state officials and teachers unions are clashing with the administration over the contest rules.

And now Congress is getting into the act — with lawmakers of both parties challenging the president’s tough-love approach to school improvement.

“There are some very tough feelings over this,” said Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.). “Some people are afraid to say it, but I’m not.”

Minnesota Rep. John Kline, the top Republican on the Education and Labor Committee, has said he will urge Congress to oppose Obama’s request for $1.35 billion to extend the program in his fiscal 2011 budget.

“We have a program here that’s not yet proven,” he said. “We haven’t figured out if $4.35 billion is being spent wisely. Why would we add $1.35 billion?”

Read the rest of the piece.

It will break your heart.

The UFT and the NYSUT could have argued that adding more tests to public education - as the new teacher evaluation rules will do - is harmful to children and schools and they would have gotten some pretty good backing from across the country as people push back against Obama, Duncan and the administration's merry band of Gates Foundation shills.

But instead the UFT and the NYSUT caved and gave up the ghost on test scores - now you can be sure that additional tests will be added to EVERY subject in EVERY grade, teachers will ONLY teach to the test as they try and save their jobs from whatever bullshit "value-added" formula Klein, Steiner and Tisch pull out of their corrupt asses, and the only people who will be happy about this are Obama, Duncan, the eduwankers in and out of the administration and the test prep companies who stand to make billions off the changes.

And this did NOT have to be.

The tide is turning AGAINST Obama and Race to the Top.

People HATE this competition and the politicians are starting to notice and call the thing what it is - an unproven boondoggle.

But too late for we here in New York.

The UFT and the NYSUT have already caved to Obama and his eduwankers.

Very, very infuriating.

But given the UFT's record of collaboration, poor strategizing and caving on all the things that really matter, not a surprise.


  1. Put on your white caps, UFT members, our leaders say it's surrender time.

  2. I recently received a survey from the Democratic Party. There were several multiple choice questions, very pedestrian, how do you rate O'Bama's performance? But then there was room to respond regarding contributions. I have always supported the party but no longer. I wrote that I would not contribute a single cent while this administration continues it anti-public eductaion pro charter agenda. If all the loyal democratic teachers do the same perhaps they will get the message. Also, I hope Hillary decides to challenge in 2012. O'Bama ran with history at his back last time now he runs on his record. he can be beat in the primary.

  3. I continue to be amazed that, for the first time in my lifetime, I would not remotely consider voting for a sitting Democratic President. The Dems will not get any more automatic votes from me. How losing the likes of me is beneficial to the party I have no idea.

  4. Same goes for me, NYC. No more automatic votes. I ONLY vote my interests. If a Dem has an anti-teacher bent, I will NOT vote for him.

    BTW, if the Times article from a week back that claimed Andy Cuomo and the hedge funders/eduwankers are best buds is true, things are going to get worse for traditional public schools and unionized teachers in NY State.

    It will be interesting to see if the teachers unions still exist after Bloomberg and Obama. Horrifying too.

  5. From Ohio -- YOU ARE RIGHT. We were sold out by our state union, who got rural locals, unaccustomed to "reform" to trust them and sign on.
    AND WHY? In our case, I suspect the state level officers are looking out for their post-office positions with various Democrat office holders.
    IT IS ONE OF THE GREATEST BETRAYALS EVER IN LABOR HISTORY. Whether a local signed on or not, it is a game changer in our state. My prediction? Instead of the $400 million Ohio hopes to get, we get $10 million having traded away our principles. And Arne Duncan laughs it up.