Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Obama administration embraced Arlen Specter's switch from the GOP to the Democratic Party as "Change We Can All Believe In" back in 2009.

Specter saw he was going to get wiped out in the GOP primary and made the expedient decision to become a Democrat.

The White House guaranteed they would back him over any challenger in a primary if he became a Dem and gave them another vote in the Senate.

Specter - who just a few years ago was embracing President Bush in his campaign commercials and asking people to re-elect him so he could make sure Bush's agenda was passed - suddenly now was embracing Obama and asking voters to re-elect him so that he could make sure Obama's agenda was passed.

Some turnaround, huh?

But the base of the party doesn't like Specter. They seem as a scumbag politician who will do and say anything to keep his Senate seat.

People began clambering for a "real Democrat" to run in the Dem primary against Specter.

Rep. Joe Sestak decided to run against Specter despite threats from Obama and Rahm Emanuel that he would be ostracized from the party for doing so.

The White House did all it could to get Sestak out and back Specter in the beginning, but once it became clear that Specter was in trouble and Sestak had a good shot to beat him, suddenly Obama wasn't so friendly toward Arlen.

Over the weekend, the Specter campaign, desperate for momentum, asked Obama to come to PA and campaign with him.

Obama said no.

Behind the scenes, the White House said they do not want the president to be associated with a "loser."

They also decided to keep VP Joe Biden away from PA and Specter.

How's that for change we can believe in?

Obama is a coward, willing to dedicate life and limb to you when all is well, ready to throw you under the bus as soon as things turn.

I guess we already learned that with Reverend Wright.

Nonetheless, it is good to see it in the open once again.

Obama likes to play like he is above politics, like he is a better human being than all the mere mortals who live in Washington.

But he is just as ordinary, just as scummy, as all the other politicians in Washington and around the country.

Maybe he's even worse, because unlike the Specters of the world who make no bones about their expediency and scumminess, Obama likes to depict himself as morally superior from the others.

But at the end of the day, he is a coward and a phony.

Go Sestak.