Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, October 28, 2010

30% Say Bloomberg Has Improved Schools, 56% Say He Hasn't

On the same day that Bloomberg and Klein announce they are closing 47 schools, Mayor Moneybags gets decidedly negative reviews on his running of the school system from a new Murdoch Street Journal poll.

38% say the state of the school system is about the same since Bloomberg took office.

18% say the state of the school system is worse since he took office.

30% say the school system is better since he and Klein took over total control.

This is NOT a "mixed" review on Bloomberg's school agenda, as the BloomKlein/charter shills at Gotham Schools termed it.

A total of 56% of New Yorkers say the system is either the same or worse since Bloomberg and Klein took power.

Given that they have closed hundreds of schools, reorganized the DOE four times, and been running the thing for almost nine years now, 30% approval for their education record is NOT mixed.

It's decidedly negative.

But as long as you have Bloomberg's shills and stenographers in the media willing to call 30% approval "mixed," we will continue to live in this Orwellian 2010 where the people running a school system take no blame and no responsibility for any of the mess they have created and propagated while the teachers who have little power and even fewer resources to change the mess for the better take all the blame from the politicians, the media, the billionaire boys' club of edu-philanthropists and even Oprah.

But it looks like, with only 30% of New Yorkers thinking that Bloomberg has improved the school system, the citizenry of this city are seeing through some of the jive.

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