Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CityTime Fraud Couldn't Have Happened Without Help From Inside City Hall

Al Jazeera has a really good video report on the CityTime scandal:

This is the biggest theft in NYC history - the crooks stole $600 million dollars.

Mayor Bloomberg shrugs over it all, says the money just "slipped through the cracks," and anyway, the project is working now and stopping future fraud by city employees sneaking off early from work, so Bloomberg is thrilled with the results.

And it only cost over $700 million dollars, $600 million of which was stolen!


Just amazing.

And the sad thing is, Bloomberg is getting away with this.

This scandal should tarnish his reputation the way Tea Pot Dome tarnished Harding.

And like the Tea Pot Dome scandal was just one scandal among many in the Harding administration, this one is just the tip of the iceberg for Bloomberg and his outside consultants and tech contracts.

The more they look into the outside consultant contracts handed out by the Bloomberg administration, the more fraud they will uncover.

At the NYCDOE, there are at least two other outside consultant/tech scandals (the Willard Lanham scandal and the Judith Hederman scandal.)

Yet somehow Bloomberg moves on, making believe he's some financial management genius.

Financial genius, my ass.

Warning Harding is more like it.

Bloomberg ought to be forced to resign in disgrace.

Instead, he's still governing like he's got a four million vote mandate.

He's slashing the budget and cutting programs for seniors and laying off thousands of teachers to save hundreds of millions of dollars while the crooked consultants rob the city blind.

It's time to go, old man.

Time to go.

Bermuda is calling.


  1. I think he belongs in jail.

  2. I think he belongs in hell.

  3. Bloomberg is a crook and a common criminal.

  4. I guess if we want the real scoop, we should go to Al Jazeera. Guess Bloombuck$ can't buy them.


    I include your link in this post. Thank you!