Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fatal Flaw

The Times describes Anthony Weiner's reckless behavior:

The New York Times talks to several women with whom Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) sent lewd photos to online and concludes "in each case Mr. Weiner's online conduct in many ways mirrored that of his offline life -- he was aggressive, blunt, feisty and willing to push boundaries with an apparent disregard for the possible consequences

How many other politicians and business leaders does that description apply to?

All of Wall Street?

Every investment banker?

The entire real estate sector?

Chris Christie?

Rudy Giuliani?



Countless other politicians, media heads and self-promoters?

Seems to me we live in a society that rewards people for being aggressive, blunt, feisty and willing to push boundaries with an apparent disregard for the possible consequences.

If you're thoughtful, careful, considerate, and unwilling to push boundaries or act with an apparent disregard for the consequences, you don't get very far in the world of politics, media or business these days.

Maybe that's a problem, eh?


  1. You forgot to mention the herds of nouveau school reformers.

  2. Response to much ado about someone public having sexual desires.

    What, exactly, is your problem with human sexuality? There is no mention here of threats or rape. Why is this a problem?

    Incidentally, how many women were killed by drone missiles in Afpak this past week/month/year?

    1) Were those women human beings?

    2) Were said slain women human beings of comparable moral worth to the generally well-off, attractive, politically active western women who went out of their way to speak with Anthony Weiner about shared interests?

    3) Does the slaying of said women merit more or less attention than whether or not Anthony Weiner has sexual desires?

    4) Should grown adults be allowed to express sexual desire to one another?

  3. The Internet in general is a very addictive technology. Add some sexual spice to it, and you have millions of people spending time in the "activities" comparable to this guy.

    Who knew ten years ago that the Internet would not be an option, but inescapable in our daily lives?

  4. if a teacher did this he/she would be removed asap!