Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bloomberg and Black Ring In The New Year

Times Square, New Year's Eve, 2011 - Bloomberg kisses Cathie Black at the stroke of midnight.

It's nice to see that Bloomberg harbors no ill feelings toward the woman who not only wasn't able to fire half of all New York City teachers - as the mayor wanted - but couldn't even save her own chancellorship.

The nice thing is, she landed on her face, er, feet in the Hamptons, re-emerged in New York City society with a splendid party she gave late last year that the mayor himself attended, showed up in Zuccotti Park to support Occupy Wall Street (or to just take a break from, uh, driving), got help from the Bloomberg administration in keeping her emails secret, and helped ring in the New Year dressed as Lady Gaga in Times Square last night.

She's really turned things around, hasn't she?

Why just last year she was the laughing stock of the city (except for all those kids, parents and teachers who had to deal with her crazy policy initiatives like dealing with school overcrowding by forcing stringent birth control onto people in various neighborhoods...)

Now she's back on stage looking so splendid that even the NY Post is raving about her.

Heck, let's give that woman a value-added "highly effective" bonus.

She's really adding value to this city.

Or if not that, at least this blog.


  1. Cathie Black was a better chancellor than Walcott. Didn't have a clue and we all knew it. Walcott is a dishonest slug selling snake oil.

  2. I agree.

    But the public seems to see Walcott in a light similar to yours:

    In the last five months, Walcott has gone from +16 in approval/disapproval to -1.

    He's not at Black's level yet and may never get there - but people are seeing through him more and more.

    You may remember, Norm, that I was one of the few people saddened by Black's early demise.

    I thought the best thing that could happen for the Real Reform movement was to have Black stay at the helm of the DOE.

    She was the gift that kept on giving, helping to expose the corporate reform policies as the destructive pathologies they are.

    Walcott is much more slippery, but it's hard to put a kind veneer on these same policies.

    The public has seen the Bloomberg education program in action for ten straight years - right down to the inevitable "teacher layoff season" and "school closure season" that come around every year.

    Walcott is a skilled politician, but not even he can put a different spin on this stuff and fool many people.

    That said, the policies still go forward despite wide disapproval for them.

    So in the end, Bloomberg and Walcott are still winning - for now, at least.

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