Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, January 20, 2012

UFT, NYSUT Sell-Out On Evaluations Gets Closer

This showed up a bit ago at the Daily News political blog:

Warring factions over the creation of a teacher evaluation system just reported “significant progress” toward a deal.

State Education Commissioner John King and Richard Iannuzzi, president of the state teachers union, reported the movement in a joint statement released just now.

The two said that “negotiations going on since October are now making significant progress and continue in earnest towards settlement.”

You can bet the Regents, the NYSED, Cuomo and Bloomberg aren't compromising on anything, so just imagine that this is going to be as bad you think it is - 20% of the evaluation from the city test VAM, 20% from the state test VAM (or 40% from state test VAM for districts that cannot afford their own locally created tests) and 60% from observations, but if you're declared "ineffective" on any part of the VAM, you're given an "ineffective" rating overall.

And of course Walcott will have the final say on appeal.

That's what the reformers want and you can almost bet that's what the reformers are going to get.

Well, at least teachers in Obama's home state of Hawaii told him to go screw.


  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up Reality looks like it's going to hit the fan. Bravo to the Hawaiin teachers, too bad we can't borrow their union to negotiate for us.

  2. Actually their union caved to the Obama admin on RttT and evaluations, but the membership voted the negotiated contract down 2 to 1.

    So Bravo to the membership in Hawaii!