Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, June 29, 2012

Murdoch Warns New York Post: Make Money Or Die

Rupert Murdoch has been making the media rounds, trying to spin the News Corporation division split as some kind of victory for his newspapers and not a result of the phone hacking scandal that has plagued his company.

Yesterday he went on his own FOX Business to sling some horsehockey over the move.

Today he went to CNBC and the Financial Times to do the same thing.

While he is spinning this split as a good thing for the newspapers that he owns that make money, he noted today that his newspapers that consistently lose money will not be "tolerated" any longer:

Murdoch warned that newspapers are going to have to pay their way in future. With the exception of startups and bad years, "you're not going to see any print losses tolerated anywhere", he said.

This could be bad news for the Times and the New York Post, which have been loss-making, although analysts point to the fact that Murdoch has tolerated a deficit at the London title since he took it over in 1981.

The New York Post under Rupert Murdoch has never turned a profit.

The editors and writers at the New York Post have now been warned - add value to Rupert's newspaper division or head to the unemployment line.


  1. Perhaps the reason the Post has never turned a profit is because it's news coverage appeals to the most prurient interests of the general public. Murdoch thinks of the general public as perverts and idiots because he is a pervert and idiot. Murdoch thinks everyone is of the same ilk as Murdoch. Put this creep in solitary confinement for life, confiscate his wealth and do not.allow him visitation rights. That is my reasonable recommendation for making our world a safer and saner place for all decent law abiding people of good will!

  2. Will the Post allow reporters the opportunity to become ATR's?

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