Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Words Of Wisdom From Arne Duncan

President Obama's Secretary of Education Privatization, Arne Duncan, talking about the lack of agreement between the NYCDOE and the UFT on teacher evaluations:

Duncan panned the ongoing city-union conflict. ”I’ll say when adults fight, quite frankly, kids lose,” he said.

There you have it.

Doesn't matter if there are legitimate differences between parties, doesn't matter if there are differing views of how to proceed with the process.

All that matters is that we all get along - and give President Obama, Secretary of Education Privatization Duncan and Mayor Bloomberg 100% of what they want in the teacher evaluation agreement.

It's for the kids.


  1. Old Arne may be out of a job in 6 months...and he'll be talking this shit to himself...

  2. Yeah. And when Bloomberg says we should fire half the teachers and do away with class size, that's for the kids too. And when teachers can't afford to live their lives and have to take 2-3 jobs and thus have no time to grade assignments or contact families or come up with interesting assignments, that's for the kids too. And when innocent teachers should be fired to make it easier to fire guilty teachers who likely already got fired, that's for the kids too.

  3. Mr. Duncan and Mr. Bloomberg must be picking fights with teachers in order to really hurt kids. They have done such great damage to kids education so far. So according to Mr. Duncan, we get a clearer explanation of why he wants to pick fights with teachers. Mr. Duncan, you have more in common with Jerry Sandusky than you realize! You education pervert!

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