Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Must Be The Fault Of Their Teachers

From the Murdoch Post:

High school students were thrown out the September 11 Memorial site in New York after tossing garbage and baseballs into the reflecting pools.

The students, from JHS 292 in East New York, hurled several items including plastic soda bottles and baseballs into the memorial pools, reported.

The NYPD launched an investigation after one junior high student was caught trying to bring ammunition through a metal detector.

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said it was not clear why the student had bullets

What does the Danielson rubric say about this kind of thing?

Oh, yeah - I remember:

If teachers had been doing their jobs and adequately engaging students in meaningful, educational lessons, then they wouldn't have brought firearms or thrown garbage into the memorial pool.

Clearly these teacher need to be "I" rated and fired.

That'll solve these kinds of problems.


  1. It is all about money. That means firing teachers and ending their benefits and pensions. This is the only fair way to balance the budgets of municipal governments. These unbalanced budgets exist because of the large loss of tax revenues and pension assets as a result of the gambling and fraud perpetuated by Wall Street financiers. Why should the taxpayer be asked to pay more taxes?

  2. How about the kleptomaniacs in Wall Street pay back what thay stole. The only solution is to hold the politicians, and the banksters accountable. Time for the crooks who engineered the catastrophe to be endicted and have their assets frozen. The "job creators " need to work in prison labor so thay can relate to those whom they exploit. So if its all about money, let the scumbags who caused this nightmare, pay up.
    Its time to start oilling Madame Guillotine.

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