Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, December 12, 2013

KIPP Plans To Keep Padded Cell To Punish Students

Yesterday the Daily News reported a KIPP school in NYC uses a padded cell for "time outs" for children who act out in school.

One child was so distraught by the experience that an ambulance was called.

There has been much outrage about the KIPP padded cell story, but the DN reports today that KIPP plans to keep the practice going:

The tot cell stays.

Officials at an uptown New York charter school on Wednesday refused to back down from their controversial use of a padded cell to confine problem students after a Daily News investigation exposed the practice Tuesday.

Two young boys, 5 and 7, were repeatedly detained in the tiny, so-called “calm-down room” at KIPP Star Washington Heights Elementary School for acting up. The parents of both kids recently removed their boys from the school, saying they suffered panic attacks from the experience.
Despite opposition from angry parents, charter school officials said Wednesday they would still put uncontrollable students into the converted closet.

“We will review all situations on a case-by-case basis and continue to obtain prior parental approval if the use of the calm-down room becomes necessary to protect the safety of a child,” KIPP NYC Superintendent Josh Zoia told the Daily News.
In an open letter to parents posted on the school’s website, Zoia said “only a small handful of students have used the calm-down room and only in emergency situations.”

But the parents of the two boys placed there say the practice should end.
“It’s not working,” said Teneka Hall, 28, a full-time Washington Heights mom whose son, Xavier, was rushed to the hospital after he had a panic attack and wet himself while in the room. “It’s hurting the kids.”

Hurting the kids has always been the point at a "No Excuses!" charter school like KIPP where the entire structure of the school is built around breaking the will of the children, beating them into submission with rules, regulations and punishment, and finally remaking them into the compliant little "scholars" the KIPPsters want.

The padded cell for time outs fits right in with the KIPP philosophy of beat 'em til they're compliant.

No wonder they refuse to get rid of it.


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