Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Special Interests Co-Opt Common Core Forums In NYC

Ah, but they're John King's special interests, so you won't hear any complaints out of him.

Every CCSS forum previous to tonight has been filled with anti-CCSS, anti-testing, anti-inBloom people.

Tonight, StudentsFirstNY and the charter operators loaded up the forums with CCSS and testing shills.

King and Tisch will no doubt get glowing notices in tomorrow's corporate press and we'll hear from the DN and the Post how wonderful CCSS and testing is because the StudentsFirst shills love them.

In the larger scheme of things, outside the newspaper editorial boards this will not matter - more and more students, parents and teachers are joining the anti-CCSS, anti-testing and anti-inBloom movement.

Filling a couple of forum audiences with testing and CCSS shills will not change the reality in schools all around the city and the state - many students hate school because of these soul-sapping standards, many teachers hate teaching to the CCSS scripts (held accountable by the Danielson bludgeon) and many parents do not want their children's information ending up in the Bill Gates' cloud.

The negative experiences students, parents, and teachers are having with CCSS and the accompanying testing (and test prep) beats propaganda and audiences full of shills any day.

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  1. Wednesday, December 11 in Manhattan

    Spruce Street School
    12 Spruce Street (map here)
    6:00-8:00 PM (SEE NEW TIME)
    PLEASE come and let your voice be heard at one of these forums, and let these all-powerful state officials know how you feel about the Common Core, testing and privacy, including their plan to share the personal information for all public school students in the state with inBloom Inc. -- the only state in the country that hasn't yet pulled out of this project.

    Here is a flyer you can post in your schools.