Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, December 9, 2013

NY Post Attacks Joshua Starr, Tries To Torpedo Him From DOE Job

Okay, this is telling.

The NY Post attacked Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr today for allegedly failing to crack down on pedophile teachers.

Turns out the Post attack on Starr's so-called failure to crack down on pedophile teachers is based on one case 

Seems odd to attack Starr for systemic failure to protect children from pedophiles based upon one case.

Yet that's what they do.

And then we get to the meat of why Starr was attacked by the Post:

Formerly the director of school performance and accountability for New York City public schools, Starr is considered a favored candidate of the teachers union for the chancellorship.

This slimy attack from the Post comes on the heels of the Daily News report that the Obama administration is lobbying against Starr because he is anti-testing.

The attacks from the Obama people and now Murdoch shows how threatened the reformer camp feels over the possibility of Starr as NYCDOE chancellor.

Will Campbell Brown be out next with a press release attacking Starr as unacceptable because he protects pedophile teachers?

Is it slander to claim Starr is "under fire from Maryland parents for failing to aggressively crack down on teachers accused of molesting students" when the article only provides one alleged incident to support its case?

And who fed the Starr story to the Post - was it those same Obama administration officials who the Daily News reported were lobbying de Blasio against Starr behind the scenes?

Well, one thing we do know - the knives are out for Starr.

Must be something about Joshua Starr if both the NY Post and the Obama administration want him torpedoed from the DOE job.


  1. Who fed the story? Wow. Do a quick search and you will find this is a well known story and it's NOT just one teacher. Time for some research!

    Here is the State Board of Education Opinion that came out BEFORE the Joynes arrest (mentioned above) even happened!

    It's not just one case, it's not a secret, and Joshua Starr has been silent about the school system's response and has had no response to parents of the multiple victims of these alleged crimes.

  2. I'll definitely read through your blog and look at what you have to say about this matter. I think the big problem I have w/ the Post story is that they insinuate a systemic problem but only mention one case. Given the agenda the Post has, I am dubious any time they run an attack story with one source.