Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, December 29, 2013

What's Wrong With Bill De Blasio?

One of the knocks in the primary against Bill de Blasio was that some of his campaign promises were not serious ones, that in the "real world" the NY Legislature and Governor Cuomo were not going to raise taxes on rich people in order to give de Blasio his universal pre-K proposal.

The De Blasio Campaign countered that de Blasio's campaign proposals were serious one's coming from a serious candidate with a serious shot to win the election.

Well, he won the election, but as we come close to the dawn of the De Blasio Era and you realize that he has picked almost nobody to run his administration yet, you start to wonder just how serious a man he is:

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is on track to make the fewest appointments entering City Hall of any mayor in decades — with just nine positions filled to date.

And only six of the nine are high-level appointments, such as deputy mayors or commissioners.
By contrast, Mayor Bloomberg had a dozen top officials in place at the same point in his run-up to taking office, while Rudy Giuliani had 25.

David Dinkins, for whom de Blasio worked as a low-level aide, had 17 top picks in place by Dec. 28.

“People do work at different paces, but it is very surprising that he has not named more people to date,” said Susan Del Percio, a GOP strategist who worked in the Giuliani administration.

De Blasio's transition team waved away criticism over the slow transition:

De Blasio’s transition team dismissed concerns, and said there are more announcements coming in the days preceding his inaugural.

“Regardless of the timing . . . we will ensure a smooth transition at all city agencies that delivers on Mayor-elect de Blasio’s promise of a diverse, competent and progressive government,” said spokesman Phil Walzak.

Speaking as a teacher who works for the NYCDOE where current Chancellor Dennis Walcott leaves office in two days and nobody has been named to replace him yet, I find the de Blasio spokesman's assurance that there will be a "smooth transition at all city agencies that delivers on Mayor-elect de Blasio’s promise of a diverse, competent and progressive government” laughable.

Two days before the new chancellor takes office, but no new chancellor has been named.

The piss-poor transition of the new de Blasio administration does NOT bode well for the next four years.

De Blasio has a well-earned reputation for being late to every event he attends.

That penchant for irresponsibility and tardiness apparently also inflicts his decision-making abilities.

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