Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, February 11, 2013

If New Accountability Measures Show Overwhelming Number Of Teachers Are Good At Their Jobs...

...then there must be something wrong with the accountability measures.

That's the message from Stephen Sawchuk at Ed Week.

One of the commenters puts this article in perspective:

hmmm, so because the results don't support your original hypothesis the methodology and measurement tools are flawed. Interesting take on scientific research. Thus under this framework if I posit that all liquids will freeze at temperatures lower than 32 degrees F, and I pull my bottle of vodka out of my freezer and it isn't frozen, it isn't that my hypothesis was wrong but rather that my tool to measure whether something is frozen or not is not being applied properly.

How about your original hypothesis (which is evidently lots and lots of teachers are incompetent) being inaccurate?

As usual, the Gates-funded Education Week carries deform water and uses the deform frame that of course many teachers suck, we just need to find the mechanism that proves that.

Findings first, research after - that's the scientism that these deformers engage in.

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  1. Well, why not?

    Won't they soon be implementing high stakes, standards-based tests for which curriculum has yet to be adequately developed or provided?

    First, the sentence, then the verdict...