Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson Call For Longer School Days

At yesterday's mayoral forum on education, both Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn called for longer school days.

The Post article does not give any details on how this time would be spent, but I have to say, if this means another hour and a half a day for test prep and Common Core work, good luck keeping kids in school.

Ever since we started moving toward the Common Core Federal Standards, with kids being forced to use MLA documentation, read complex informational texts and write argumentative essays in every class (including art and gym), I have seen a sharp increase in the number of kids who say "I hate this!" and "When can we do something that's fun and interesting!"

The answer is, so long as the Common Core is in place - never.

I can't wait to try and keep kids in school for 9 hours a day so they can use MLA documentation, read complex informational texts and write argumentative essays in every class (including art and gym).

I hope Thompson and Quinn know that adding time to school is no magic elixir and that using the adding time for more mandated test prep and academic work is a recipe to burnout for both students and teachers.

Public Advocate De Blasio and Comptroller Liu were the best on education at yesterday's forum:

De Blasio reiterated his plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers to fund universal Pre-K and said teacher evaluations should rely less on standardized tests.

He made clear that he would oppose Bloomberg’s education track record and took a jab at Quinn and Thompson, saying:

“Where were you when teachers were being vilified? That will be a matter of public record as we all debate over the coming months.”

Liu and Lhota got into a fiery discussion of the co-location of charter schools — which have expanded under Bloomberg and become a source of dispute with the UFT.

Liu said it creates tension when charters share building space with traditional public schools.

Quinn, on the other hand, is exhibiting more and more evidence that she will be Bloomberg Jr. ( see here for an example from last week.)


  1. Quinn is Medvedev to Bloomberg's Putin.

    Thompson is there to divert votes from DeBlasio and Liu, the more progressive candidates. As in 2009, he is the Potemkin candidate, falsely appearing to be real candidate, but actually serving the needs of the city's power elite by misdirecting voters.

  2. Not one of the mayoral candidates has pledged to provide retroactive pay to municipal union workers with expired contracts. What a bunch of lame o's. As for extending the school day, me says that there are two options: 1) They can bargain this with the UFT rank and file who WILL GET A CHANCE TO VOTE ON IT, 2) The DOE can go the Chicago way and simply hire extra teachers willing to work the time.

  3. Ahh yes more reformy edu hours immersed in test prep madrassa mode. Here in the hinterlands our Board is going to vote on allowing WTFA's reformy excellence into our midst. Of course the local banker CEO zillionaire is the one who suggested it to the career climbing Super who probably has figured out her act will play better in reformland and pay better too so she has tried to sell TFA to the rabble. You can't throw a snowball around here without hitting a teacher college but teh Sup wants to let those grads flip tacos and get in on this low rent elitist help from TFA. Priceless.