Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, May 1, 2015

Christie's Reaction To News Of Impending Bridgegate Indictments - Silence


McLEAN, Va. — Gov. Chris Christie did not comment Friday morning on pending charges in the George Washington Bridge lane closing scandal while speaking at a business forum.

Christie did not address the issue in his talk to more than 300 Washington-area business leaders here nor was he asked about it by forum participants in the question and answer session that followed.

He quickly left after the forum and did not stop to talk to waiting reporters.

That silence from the usually blustery Christie speaks volumes


  1. Isn't going to be wonderful when the fat man sings the blues when he is caught with this famous bridge gate!!!! I mean, this fat man who speaks to people like he is the messier and everyone around him are the masses, will get his behind - no pun intended - handed to him. We all know that the fat man was involved in the bridge gate fiasco. There is too much evidence else where which convicts christy. For example, fat man christy held funds for hurricane sandy victims because he had vendettas with other county people, etc...There are numerous examples of christys behavior and how he manipulated his power over people for his own sake. So, the mere fact that there is no evidence yet for bridge gate, one can only put the puzzle pieces together and get a picture of the fat man...whoa

  2. What's the sound of a blivet waiting to be indicted?