Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, May 1, 2015

Multiple Indictments Expected To Be Announced Today In Bridgegate Investigation

From the Bergen Record:

Former Port Authority executive David Wildstein is expected to plead guilty to charges related to the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal today, as federal prosecutors prepare to announce developments in their nearly 16-month-old investigation.

Wildstein's appearance is scheduled for 11 a.m. before U.S. District Judge Susan D. Wigenton in Newark followed by a press conference with federal authorities at 1 p.m. to discuss developments in the case. He arrived at the courthouse just before 9 a.m. looking considerably thinner than the last time he was in public.

A guilty plea would be a signal that Wildstein, a former Christie ally who ordered the lane closures, has agreed to cooperate with federal investigators. Prosecutors are also expected to announce other indictments that grew out of their investigation later in the day. The charges against Wildstein and the identities of others who face charges were unclear early Friday morning.

Wildstein cooperating, other indictments are to be's Christmas in May.

Should be interesting to hear what the feds have to say today.

If prosecutors made a deal with Wildstein, he's got to have something on higher-ups.

Since his lawyer has said in the past that Wildstein has evidence that Chris Christie knew of the bridge lane closings as they were happening (contradicting Christie's claim that he only learned about them later), that may mean the feds are looking to work their way up the chain to Christie.

Can a guy from Jersey run for president while under indictment?

We may soon find out the answer to that question.


  1. I know I've posted this comment before, but I'm so happy about this news (and my verbal wordplay) that I'll say it again: it ain't over till the Fat Man sinks.

    1. Difficult to know if they're going to get Christie. Fishman said yesterday this is it on the Bridgegate indictments based upon the information in hand. That's his public line on this, at any rate. I suppose they'll play Kelly and Baroni off Wildsten, play Kelly and Baroni off each other, and see what comes out.

      In the end, though, the conspiracy came right out of Christie's inner circle and pretty much ends any chance he had of being president. Hes already unpopular among GOP faithful - hard to see the Bridgegate mess helping with that. Plus we still have Samson indictments coming down...