Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bloomberg Approval Down To 36%

Survey USA poll, taken May 17, has Bloomberg's approval at 36%, his disapproval at 59%.

This is at the low end of the dismal approval numbers Bloomberg has enjoyed ever since the Bloomberg Blizzard Fiasco of 2010.

A Quinnipiac poll in March had Bloomberg down to 39%.

His approval in the Quinnipiac poll barely moved to 40% in the latest released this month.

Marist had him at 40% in March as well,
up from 37% in January.

But 36% approval?

That's low.

It's not Nixon-level low, or god forbid, Cathie Black-level low.

But this is not a popular mayor.

He should be fought on EVERYTHING - school closures, fire house closures, budget cuts, layoffs.

He's got money to use in his battles, but that didn't help him very much even after he spent a bunch of it on a campaign-style ad and media blitz, did it?

People are done with this guy.

He can be beat.

So it's good to see the NAACP and the UFT sue him over the school closures.

I hope they take on the new teacher evaluations next.

You can bet Bloomberg had a hand in that deception.


  1. And Bloomberg probably thought that his approval ratings would sky rocket after the Walcott appointee.

  2. I'm surprised his approval rating is even that high.

  3. Walcott yesterday commenting about a Bronx school that had a you tube expose of a student brawl in the cafeteria. His comment was the principal and the teachers are mandated to report such incidents and he will be investigating. Yep Yep Yep, its those teachers who once again are responsible and the principal added to the mix to cover their backside. Should anyone be interested, look into the smaller schools placed in the large academic high school buildings and report what goes on in these products of the Bloomberg education miracle. Madness, lack of resources and most important, the quest for higher and higher test scores make security and intervention services non exixtent due to budget and priorities set by the Tweed mob. Walcott has his fingers all over this blue print so he takes the party line. When in doubt, blame it on the staff never the educrats. Walcott is an oreo.

  4. And Little Andy up in Albany should be warned -- if you want to carry the education mayor's water in the form of value-added test score nonsense, you'll soon find your numbers in the same place. He should enjoy his time as governor while he can if he keeps trying to appease the bully at Gracie Mansion.