Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Co-Dependent Teachers Unions: NEA Edition

Obama has been bashing teachers since he got elected.

He cheerled the firing of the Central Falls, Rhode Island teachers.

He put into place the policies that led to those firings and the policies that are now leading to the firing of teachers all over the country.

He denigrates public schools in high poverty areas as "drop-out factories" and calls teachers who work there "failures."

Because of the Obama education policies, NY State teachers will now be evaluated using test scores.

There will be tests added to every subject at every level.

Obama's Secretary of Education Privatization works hand in hand with the Gates Foundation, the Broad Foundation and Pearson Education Services to bring standardized national tests to the country based upon a standardized nation core curriculum that will also will be used to bludgeon teachers and schools and further disempower both.

And yet, the co-dependent National Education Association is set to endorse the president already. Here is what the NEA President, Dennis Van Roekel, said:
This is the time to make decisions about the direction of our country, and we have real choices to make. As activists, engaged educators, we should get involved now. Will we allow Congress to gut Medicare, slash education and cut Social Security, and continue to make it just fine for hedge fund managers and corporations to sidestep paying taxes? Or will we act and assert the real American values of hard work and responsibility, a commitment to a vibrant middle class, to college affordability, and the opportunity to reach the American Dream? It is time to stand strong for what we believe in and what is right for students and families, schools and the nation. President Barack Obama has proven he deserves a second term
No wonder Obama relishes abusing unions and teachers. He punches them in the face and kicks them in the teeth over and over, and they can't wait to go and endorse him and work for his re-election.

I for one will NOT be voting for Obama or working for his re-election.

I don't give a shit WHO is running against him.

This "You better vote for Obama or somebody WORSE will win" shit doesn't work with me anymore.

After TALF, after Race to the Top, after Obama's NCLB Jr. blueprint, after Obama's mandated health care that sees people having to buy shitty health insurance they cannot afford to use after the premiums, after Geithner and Summers running the economic policy for the first three years, after the Bernanke renomination, after Obama's silence on Wisconsin and Ohio and Florida, after Obama shared a stage with corporate ed deformer Jeb Bush in Florida and praised the corporate ed deforms Bush is promoting, after Libya, after 9% unemployment FOREVER, and after Obama framed the economic debate in such a way that workers were blamed for the mess and not the banksters and hedge fundies who created it, there is NO FUCKING WAY I am voting for this war criminal/bank bailout dude.

Stop the madness, teachers unions - only support politicians who support you.

Obama does NOT support either teachers or unions.

He is using you.

Wake up and walk away from the abuse.


  1. I'm with you too. Why would teachers support a President whose Secretary of Education is the non-educator Duncan?

  2. Maybe because the Repub. candidates are even worse...but not by much. They are literally BEGGING Christie to run.