Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, May 16, 2011

Cuomo To Propose Tier VI With 401(k) To Replace Pension

Andrew Cuomo continues to do the work of the billionaire class:

In a sign that the back-and-forth over the Cuomo administration’s desire to seek a Tier VI pension package is growing heated, CSEA President Danny Donohue just issued the following rather blunt statement — an echo of what CSEA spokesman Steve Madarasz offered to Jimmy a few hours ago:

“It is very clear from the Cuomo administration’s leaks about plans to seek Tier VI pension changes for public employees that the governor does not care about the impact of his policies on working people. The governor is engaging in political grandstanding to impress his millionaire friends at the expense of working people and the services they provide to the people of New York.”

Cuomo's a Democrat the way the Democrats for Education Reform are Democrats.

He's a wholly-owned corporate tool.

Hey, Andy - why not go all the way and just propose eliminating pensions and retirement totally.

Work until you die.

Or eat cat food from the 99 cents store.

The future looks bleak for all but the hedge fundies, the Wall Street crooks and their tools in politics and the media.


  1. Good for Danny Donahue! Seems to me I remember that a lot of folks lost their retirement savings in 401Ks during the big crash of '08.

  2. Give to Goldman Sachs what is Goldman Sachs'...

  3. Was just watching Channel 1 and Bloombucks, is, of course, thrilled at Little Andy's pension ideas and is going to Albany to help his pal sell it. Andy has been a good buddy to Mayor 4 Life: on Friday he took care of that pesky teacher problem and today he's giving him pension "reform."
    Couldn't bear to listen to the Inside City Hall guest,our first "Chief Digital Officer," Rachel Sterne, the cheerleader for the pit where our money is going.

  4. California TeacherMay 16, 2011 at 11:35 PM

    After reading two books by Thomas Frank, I wonder if the Democratic Party has been taken over by those who in the past would have been moderate Republicans. They felt disenfranchised as the GOP became the party of the fundamentalist, anti-evolution, climate-change denying, racist, extreme right wing, and so sought solace elsewhere.

    These people (DFER, Bloomberg, Obama, Gates, Rhee, etc.) sure seem like well-manicured country club types to me. The go to their gay friend's weddings, drink fine wine, and may even be pro-choice, but they steadfastly believe that the business of America is business, and all the best people deserve everything they get and need not be apologetic, or interested in social justice for that matter.

    Just a thought...