Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teacher Bashing Never Takes A Holiday

Both the Post and the News have stories about ten teachers who were found guilty of telling ethnic jokes or making sexual suggestions to other teachers.

10 teachers out of 75,000.

Oh my, what a scandal!

How dare the teaching profession have ten members who say stupid things, are too ignorant to know "Yo Mama" jokes should not be told in the classroom (or anywhere, for that matter), or too stupid to know that a teacher suggesting to his fellow teachers that they should all have group sex constitutes sexual harassment!

I mean, can you imagine anybody of importance saying something stupid like this in this city and still maintaining their job at the end?

Oh, wait - didn't the mayor tell Irish jokes to people earlier this year?

And didn't people find those offensive?

Didn't the mayor also point at a pregnant employee of Bloomberg LP's belly and tell her that she should "kill it" if she wanted to continue working for Bloomberg?

And didn't Bloomberg call New York City parents who oppose his school policies too ignorant to know what's good for them, a comment some people thought was racist?

How dare a member of the political class say stupid things like this!

And if he were a teacher, the tabloids would really say something nasty about him for these comments and call for him to be fired.

It seems teachers are held to higher standards than New York City mayors.

I don't mind that teachers are held to high standards.

I don't think teachers should make any comments that could be construed as sexual harassment, should make ethnic jokes, or say things that about anybody's background, religion, economic status, neighborhood, family, etc.

I don't think the mayor should either.

What bothers me is when teachers are held to a higher standard than mayors.


  1. I find it interesting that the DOE gives the newspapers selected educators who exhibit "bad behavior". However, you do notice that none of them actually was reassigned or had 3020-a charges filed against them. By contrast teachers who did less were. Another example of the DOE hypocrisy.