Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bloomberg - The Face of Corporate Villainy

The villain Occupy Wall Street has been waiting for - Michael Bloomberg.

Many of us in public education have long known the evil that this man does, all in the name of "market efficiency" and corporate greed - from closing hundreds of public schools and reopening them as privatized charter schools to demonizing teachers to turning education into nothing more than one big test prep factory to slashing classroom budgets to the bone while paying corporate consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars each to overcharge the city for computer projects or commit out and out fraud.

It is good, however, that Bloomberg has shown his true colors to the rest of the world and has now become the face of the opposition to Occupy Wall Street - the villain this movement needs.

I can't think of a better villain to crystallize all that is wrong with modern America - the hypocrite Bloomberg who allowed crooks to steal $600 million in the City Time Project, $43 million in the Judith Hederman/FTA scandal at the NYCDOE, another $3.6 million to Willard Lanham in another DOE scandal, and wasted $363 million on the NYCAPS project, another $15.3 million on the Sanitation and FDNY GPS boondoggle, another $36 million on the NYCHA computer system nightmare, is spending $550 million on additional outside computer consulting contracts at the NYCDOE without any oversight, yet claimed he needed to lay off school aides making $10 an hour for fiscal prudence.

Nothing like handing out $180,000 a year to a crooked computer consultant while laying off a school aide making $10 an hour, is there?

Bloomberg is an evil, evil man with a greedy heart, a boundless ego and an empty soul.

Even the "philanthropy" this man engages in always comes with strings attached and the name/logo BLOOMBERG emblazoned on every charity dollar.

You can bet he wouldn't give a dime to anybody without that logo, BLOOMBERG, emblazoned across the check (and the contract) or without the strings attached.

And let us not forget how he used all the past philanthropy to call in the chips when he needed to overturn term limits.

We are the "little people" to him and he doesn't give a shit about us.

He is without shame, without a clue.

All he wants is power, all he wants is attention.

Well, he's getting attention now.

He is now the official face of modern corporate villainy in America for all of history.

Hey, Mike, you got your legacy.

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