Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Oligarchs Clamp Down

Unless you were sleeping under a rock yesterday, you know that Mayor Bloomberg ordered his NYPD jackboots to clear Occupy Wall Street protestors from Zucotti Park.

The raid happened under the cover of darkness. Police enforced a media blackout, allowing neither journalists nor legal observers to see their dirty work. Batons, pepper spray, fists and boots were used to rouse protestors from their slumber and throw them out of the park. Subways were shut down, the Manhattan-bound side of the Brooklyn was closed, a city councilman who ran to Zucotti to support the protestors was beaten by police and arrested.

Six journalists were also arrested.

The New York raid came in the same week that Occupy camps in Portland and Oakland were raided by police.

Oakland mayor Jean Quan said city mayors and police departments were coordinating the raids together over conference calls.

Make no mistake - the clampdown is here.

The 1% know that something is happening here and they have to put a stop to it soon.

Tomorrow there is a major demonstration planned downtown.

The mayor likes to claim that the Occupy Wall Street protests are costing New York City jobs.

He claims this even as he plans thousands of layoffs this fiscal year.

He claims this even as he forces austerity down the throats of the 99% with budget cuts to education, health care, senior care, libraries.

He claims this even as both Democrats and Republicans in Washington get ready to slash Social Security, Medicare, and other programs that help middle and working class Americans.

He claims this even as the NY Times reports middle class neighborhoods have shrunk over the last forty years as Americans drop down the economic ladder into poverty.

It is time to Occupy this country.

It is time to Occupy this city.

It is time to Occupy Tweed Courthouse.

Time to Occupy One Police Plaza.

Time to Occupy City Hall.

Time to Occupy the White House, the Congress, the Senate.

Time to Occupy Wall Street.

The fascists are fighting back with what they have - police, military, guns, batons, pepper spray, rubber bullets, orange netting, media blackouts, and brutality.

But they ARE on the other side of history.

Remember Egypt, remember Tunisia.

Spring is Coming.



  1. You're back! Thank God! We've needed you. We've missed you. Right on! Power to the People!

  2. Welcome back; you've been missed.

  3. Welcome back. I miss your posts.

    This blog post is fabulous..I am in the middle of writing my own on this issue. You couldn't have said it any better.

  4. I can't believe you're back! The passion never seems to go away...

  5. Great news to see you Occupying this space again.

  6. It's ironic how I, a pink diaper baby, would, during the past decade, say how our government would be a fascist dictatorship within 50 years. My friends would snicker and laugh it off. I was wrong..the process is taking about 1/2 that time frame. Thank you for bringing back your timely and compelling posts, RBE!

  7. Yipppeee! You're back. Good to read your thought-provoking blogs again.