Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hackers Target Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Protesters

I bet Lt. Pike didn't envision this when he calmly and methodically pepper-sprayed a bunch of peaceful protesters sitting on the ground last Friday:

The UC Davis police officer filmed casually pepper-spraying passive student protesters is the latest target of the computer hacking collective Anonymous.

A new 10-minute video attributed to the shadowy "hacktivist" group threatens the officer directly and makes public his personal contact information - including his cell phone number and an alleged home address.

The voicemail on the working cell number for Lt. John Pike was full Tuesday.

"Dear Officer John Pike, we are Anonymous. Your information is now public domain," a computer-generated voice narrating the Anonymous video states.

"Expect our full wrath," the voice continues as viral video of the Friday incident plays in the background. "Anonymous seeks to avenge all protesters…We are going to make you squeal like a pig."

The ominous message, which ends with a photo of Pike and the sounds of shrieking pigs, makes no excuse for exposing Pike to potential reprisals.

"We have no problem targeting police and releasing their information even if it puts them at risk because we want them to experience just a taste of the brutality and misery they serve us on an everyday basis," it says.

The message I would send to Lt. Pike is this:

Lt. Pike, your methodical, cold-blooded pepper spraying of peaceful, non-violent protesters seated on the ground who posed no threat to you or your colleagues clearly shows that you are a sociopath who is unfit for police duty.

You need to be stripped of your badge and your gun immediately and fired from your job.

You should be arrested for your violent behavior.

In addition, the protesters you harmed should sue you personally in order to hold you accountable for your actions.

You need to defend yourself in court before a judge and jury.

It is only by holding violent cops who engage in acts of brutality accountable for their crimes that we will stop additional acts of police brutality from occurring.


  1. A bad move for this cop to make-it will cost him his career. But what price will John Corzine ultimately pay for his theft, either directly or indirectly of up to 1.2 BILLION of his customer's private trading accounts. Simple theft on a world class scale. These bastards pay off The Man, then go along their merry way..."Strawberry Fields...Nothing Is Real..."