Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dennis Walcott Has Highest Disapproval Rating Of His Tenure

Latest Quinnipiac poll finds Chancellor Walcott enjoying a 34% disapproval rating compared to a 33% approval rating.

The disapproval numbers are the highest he's had since he became chancellor.

They're not quite into Joel Klein territory yet, and they're certainly nowhere near the disdainful numbers people had for Cathie Black, but nonetheless Walcott is NOT a popular chancellor.

In October, the same polling firm found 39% of New Yorkers approving of Walcott's performance as chancellor and 33% disapproving.

Back in July, there was a +13 point gap between his approval and disapproval numbers, with 37% approving of Walcott but only 21% disapproving.

So in just five months, Walcott has gone from +13 in approval/disapproval to -1 in approval/disapproval.

And this is BEFORE the annual school closure season gets REALLY going.

This is BEFORE the annual "Fire Teachers/Hire Outside Common Core Consultants" gets REALLY going.

This is BEFORE parents learn that Bloomberg and Walcott plan to add city tests to every grade in every subject in order to evaluate teachers - tests they are spending millions on to develop even as they lay off parent coordinators and school aides.

These high stakes tests will be in ADDITION to ones Merry Merryl Tisch and John King have planned in every subject in every grade from the state.

Can't wait to see what Walcott's numbers look like after that.


  1. What's the surprise? Walcott is a shill just as Klein he will follow the Bloomberg line and spin, spin, spin all the while proclaiming to Love the Children. Walcott is a sell out to the minority community and the public schools, their students, parents, and educators. Walcott is an OREO.

  2. When will Bloombucks figure out that a lot of people don't like him or his education policy?

  3. Walcott's bio says he taught pre-k for about a year at a private school he started. Ever see those pre-k's in the Bronx and Queens run out of private homes? He quit teaching to come back as a college professor and expert administrator in education. Huh? Talk about those who can't teach do!
    Let's see a real bio.....Get rid of the bum...