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Perdido 03

Friday, December 30, 2011

Media Producer Who Tried To Extort Millions From David Letterman Gets Hired To Work On Paula Zahn Show

What exactly do media people have to do to, you know, get blacklisted from working?

Robert Joel Halderman, the “48 Hours” producer who pleaded guilty last year to having tried to extort David Letterman, has been hired by a competing crime newsmagazine, “On the Case With Paula Zahn,” which is shown on the Investigation Discovery channel.

“We have been impressed with Joe Halderman’s professional accomplishments as an Emmy-winning producer for ’48 Hours’ and CBS News,” Scott Weinberger, the executive producer of “On the Case,” said in a statement to the blog TVNewser, using Mr. Halderman’s nickname.

Mr. Weinberger said that the program had received “prior approval” from Investigation Discovery before bringing Mr. Halderman on board. Mr. Halderman served four months in prison after trying to blackmail Mr. Letterman in 2009 with information about his sexual relationships with staff members.

After Mr. Halderman was arrested, he was fired by CBS News, according to his defense lawyer. Yet in July, Mr. Halderman, along with six of his former colleagues at CBS News, was nominated for an Emmy Award for an episode of “48 Hours Mystery” — “American Girl, Italian Nightmare” — about the Amanda Knox case.

Apparently outside of murdering your ex-wife and a waiter, media personalities just cannot get blacklisted from working their beat.

Just another example of a lack of accountability for people connected to finance, government and the media.

Do you think this guy would have his job back if he were a teacher?

Do you think the Daily News or Post wouldn't be screaming about that if it happened?

But convicted extortionist producer back producing news magazine that covers crime?

Oh, yeah - no problem...

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