Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bill Gates Thinks He Owns The World

If Gates likes something, everybody better like it because everybody is going to get it.

Take genetically modified crops, for instance.

Gates promotes GMO as a solution for hunger in Africa despite lots of evidence that GMO does more harm than good.

But that hasn't stopped Gates (and his partner in evil, Monsanto) from pushing GMO on Africa:

Bill Gates' support of genetically modified (GM) crops as a solution for world hunger is of concern to those of us involved in promoting sustainable, equitable and effective agricultural policies in Africa.

There are two primary shortcomings to Gates' approach.

First, his technocratic ideology runs counter to the best informed science. The World Bank and United Nations funded 900 scientists over three years in order to create an International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD). Its conclusions were diametrically opposed, at both philosophical and practical levels, to those espoused by Gates and clearly state that the use of GM crops is not a meaningful solution to the complex situation of world hunger.

The IAASTD suggests that rather than pursuing industrial farming models, "agro-ecological" methods provide the most viable means to enhance global food security, especially in light of climate change. These include implementing practical scientific research based on traditional seed varieties and local farming practices adapted to the local ecology over millennia.

Agro-ecology has consistently proven capable of sustainably increasing productivity. Conversely, the present GM crops generally have not increased yields over the long run, despite their increased costs and dependence on agricultural chemicals, as highlighted in the 2009 Union of Concerned Scientists report, "Failure to Yield."

For example, experimental "drought-resistant" corn, supported by Gates and Monsanto, is far less robust than natural maize varieties and farming methods requiring less water. Thus, Gates' GM "solutions" depend on higher-cost inputs — such as fertilizers, pest controls and the special seeds themselves — distracting attention from proven, lower-cost approaches.

Secondly, Gates sponsors compliant African organizations whose work with multinational agricultural corporations like Monsanto undermines existing grass-roots efforts to improve local production methods. He has become a stalking horse for corporate proponents of industrial agriculture which perceive African hunger simply as a business opportunity. His Gates Foundation has referred to the world's poor as the "BOP" (bottom of pyramid), presenting " ... a fast growing consumer market."

Olivier De Shutter, the U.N.'s special rapporteur on the right to food, reinforces the IAASTD research. He, too, concludes that agro-ecological farming has far greater potential for fighting hunger, particularly during economic and climatically uncertain times.

Poverty is the result of a dominant global economic system that considers traditional farmers, who produce mainly for local consumption, not export, as not contributing to the gross domestic product. To force these "BOPs" into the industrial agriculture system ignores their requirements. Gates' philanthropy is undemocratic at both ideological and practical levels. It ignores democratically derived African solutions to our food security problems. Further, it runs counter to the traditional methodology of bi- and multilateral foreign aid, which is obliged to consider local policies and sensitivities.

When will people in the United States see this degenerate philanthropist for the oligarch he is and stop him from using his billions to promote whatever business ventures he wants to promote under the veneer of "good works"?


  1. Check out Wilie Nelson supporting "Occupy the Food System". 300,000 peeps suing Monsanto here. These bastards want to control, create, and OWN everything down to the last frigging SEED! They are THE DEMON SEED...

  2. The common link here is privatization of a public resource or commons, whether its public education or the agricultural gene pool, with non-profit institutions as an opening front or wedge for the privateers who will follow.

    Gates is known for the shoddy products he produced as head of Microsoft, which achieved their monopoly status through his single-minded obsession with intellectual property rights. That, not technology, was his true (evil) genius, and is now being expanded through his foundation, whether through purchasing education policy in the US and handing curriculum over to Pearson, or enabling Monsanto (which, by the way, the Gates Foundation has a large investment in) to take over African agriculture.

    You use he word "degenerate" to describe Gates, and that is fitting. But it's a mistake to call him and his ilk "philanthropists." Literally meaning "love of humans," we need a need a new word to describe oligarchs using their untaxed billions to further entrench their power, but with a feel-good, "non-profit" gloss.

    I suggest we use a new word: Malanthropist (n): an unaccountable plutocrat who uses his wealth to create untaxed institutions that whitewashes his reputation and masks the expansion of their economic interests.

  3. Michael,

    I meant the philanthropist moniker for Gates saracastically, but I love your coinage of "malanthropist" and will now use it - unless of course Gates owns the intellectual property of the word!

  4. Thanks.

    My bringing it up referred to the word's general usage, not to your post, per se

    The use of "philanthropy" as a vehicle for continued wealth and power accumulation is something whose exposure is long overdue. Your blog is one of the few places where that happens.