Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 12, 2012

NYSED Commissioner Shows His True Bias


He should be fired as NYSED Commissioner.

He won't be, of course, because he is just the kind of corporate reform-friendly shill the real owners of this state (i.e., the hedge fund managers, the Wall Street criminals, the corporate cronies and the testing companies) want at NYSED.

But it is clear he doesn't give a shit who gets hurt under this new system - students, teachers, administrators.

All he cares about is getting a system in place that lets allows him to corporatize schools all across this state - from the curriculum to the tests to the evaluation system for teachers.


  1. Agreed! And ASAP. King is supposed to be representing the best interests of public school students. He is shirking this responsibility.

  2. What a robot, the type of soulless suit that passes for an education reformer nowadays. Him, Bloomberg, Walcott, Duncan have been destroying education for years from the top, where is the accountability for them?

    We know the answer. Those on the right side of the corporate machine get away with murder, metaphorically and maybe even literally.