Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bertha Coombs: Dumbest Tweet Of The Day

The NY Times is running an article today about the increase in cheating in schools.

CNBC's Bertha Coombs tweets the following about the story:

NYTimes: Studies Find More Students Cheating -Are shame & guilt obsolete? How do you sleep when you "succeed" cheating?

Coombs covers the financial markets - you know, the venue where Goldman Sachs bundled worthless financial products to unsuspecting customers while shorting those same products because they knew they were worthless and made hundreds of millions of dollars both coming and going.

This is the same market where MF Global "lost" a billion dollars of customer money making trades they weren't supposed to trade but no individual was ever brought to account for the loss.

It is the same market where 16 banks colluded to "fix" the LIBOR rate that underlies most financial products and loans in order to, first, make more money, and then later in '08, to make their books look better than they were.

And Coombs has the nerve, the audacity to ask how students can sleep at night knowing they've succeeded by cheating?

She is either the dumbest person on the planet or the most compliant corporate shill there is.

You want to see some cheaters who got ahead by cheating, Bertha?

Look the fuck around you.

You're surrounded by liars, cheats, con artists, pirates, and corporate criminals - and that's just in the CNBC offices.

This nation is run by cheaters in Washington, on Wall Street, in the media.

The kids are just learning the lessons they see from the adults around them - and they're learning them well.

The Best and Brightest are cheating in Stuyvesant High and at Harvard.

And soon most of them will take that cheating someplace where they can really cash in - Wall Street and the corridors of power in Washington.


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