Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hey, Rahm, Why Can't Chicago Kids Have The Kind Of Education Your Kids Get At The Lab School?

See here.

Rahm's kids go to a school without high stakes tests.

They go to a school with seven full time art teachers.

Their school has three different libraries.

In Chicago, kids take 18-25 days of standardized testing.

Many schools have no art or music teachers at all.

Many have no library.

Many have no air conditioning - not even the ones that are in session in July and August.

Why, Rahm, do your kids get the high quality education taught by teachers not under the VAM death watch while Chicago kids get the shaft?

The same, btw, can be asked of President Obama and his daughters.

Obama's kids get a high quality education at Sidwell Friends School while Obama promotes federal education policies that call for high stakes testing throughout the year in every grade in every subject so that many teachers can be fired.

Politicians of BOTH parties are dumbing down and narrowing down the educational opportunities for the vast majority of the children in this country while making sure their own kids get an elite education fit for the sons and daughters of kings.

Rahm says it's nobody's business where he sends his kids to school, that it's a private decision.

But that's jive.

When you enact policies meant to destroy the working and middle classes while ensuring your kids have every educational opportunity, it is no longer a private decision.

It is a political decision - one that must be pointed out.

Why do the Emanuel and Obama kids get the quality education while these two men enact policies that hurt the vast majority of American kids - but most especially those in the inner cities?

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  1. The director of the Lab school doesn't believe in standardized testing or rank and yank for his school.
    The conditions at the University of Chicago Lab Schools are dramatically different than those at Chicago Public Schools, which are currently closed with teachers engaged in a high-profile strike. The Lab School has seven full-time art teachers to serve a student population of 1,700. By contrast, only 25% of Chicago’s “neighborhood elementary schools” have both a full-time art and music instructor. The Lab School has three different libraries, while 160 Chicago public elementary schools do not have a library.

    “Physical education, world languages, libraries and the arts are not frills. They are an essential piece of a well-rounded education,” wrote University of Chicago Lab School Director David Magill on the school's website in February 2009.