Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bloomberg Threatens Layoffs Over Taxi Medallions

The Daily News reports that Mayor Bloomberg is back to threatening to layoffs again:

Mayor Bloomberg followed through on a threat Friday to slash city agencies — and possibly lay off city workers — in part to make up for revenue the city will lose if Bloomberg can’t move forward with his outerborough taxi plan.

The mayor’s budget director, Mark Page, sent a letter to agency heads Friday asking them to come up with ways to gut their budgets by as much as 5.4% in the current fiscal year — and 8% next year.

Cuts that large are bound to include at least some layoffs, though it’s not clear which agencies will lose staff.

A judge struck down the outerborough taxi plan last month, blowing a billion-dollar hole in the city budget.

Though police and schools are often spared the brunt of budget cuts, Bloomberg ordered cost savings even from those essential agencies.

The police, fire, sanitation and corrections departments must submit plans to cut 2.7% of their budgets this year and 4% next year.

The Education Department was asked to slash its budget by 1.6% this fiscal year and 4% next year.

“We will once again need to curtail planned spending and do so in a way that prioritizes and preserves necessary city services and quality of life,” Page wrote in the letter.

This will be the 12th round of cuts Bloomberg has instituted since 2007.

And as usual, the outside consultants are spared.


  1. I'm just so sick of this little bastard. The shit just goes on and on.

    And by the way, isn't it a little suspicious that the FBI was tapping John Liu's phone calls. I just know that Bloomturd was behind it.

  2. I agree - two years, they were tapping him. And so far, no charges, but they've smeared him out of the mayor's race.

    See what happens when you tell Bloomberg to go fuck himself the way Liu did after his election as comptroller?

    Ironically, Bloomberg was the one who laundered $1 million+ through the Independence Party illegally, but somehow he was never brought up on charges.

    But I guess that makes sense.

    He owns the judges, the prosecutors, the cops and the press.

  3. Hey, I have an idea. Why doesn't the UFT sell out ATRs again to avoid layoffs which if implemented will lead to the bleating hearts screaming about the "essential 1 year teachers who have to go due to LIFO.

    1. Inevitably they will and some shill at Ed Wize will say the contract "scrapes the skies" and anybody who doesn't like it is a dirty liar. Or something like that.

  4. I have a firemen friend that tells me that their union leader who called Bloomberg "a liar" when Bloomberg tried to take that money from them, received multiple death threats after he called Bloomberg a liar.

    1. Really? That seems more likely a Rudy tactic than a Mike tactic. And yet, why am I not surprised that Bloomberg can thug as good as anybody.